Cocktails (Drinks Only Orders)

Cocktails (Drinks Only Orders)

This section is for DRINKS ONLY orders. If you would like Food & Drinks together, please choose all your items, including drinks, from that section.

This helps us to manage our delivery time slots.

Due to lockdown restrictions we can DELIVER alcoholic drinks, but you cannot collect alcoholic drinks from us at this time.

Pre-Order your drinks for Friday and Saturday evenings! (5-9pm)

You can now pre-order directly from the QUARTER Bar to your home. Same Day Orders Cut Off: 5pm.

Choose from our range of delicious Cocktails, with a special offer:

6 Cocktails for £30

& we have a wide range of other drinks available to order, too! See the list below.

We will deliver to: ST1, ST2, ST3, ST4, ST5, ST6.

Orders for delivery outside of these postcodes will regrettably have to be cancelled.

Gin Tray

4 Double Gins plus mixer. Choose your favourite Gin and your favourite mixer from or wide selection. Why not have 4 different ones?

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Gin Tray (4 x 50ml Gins with mixer) £18.00
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All mixed over ice and ready to drink. Click on any cocktail to view it’s ingredients…

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Cosmopolitan (9oz) £7.00
Gin Garden (9oz) £7.00
Cuba Libre (9oz) £7.00
Espresso Martini (9oz) £7.00
Bramble (9oz) £7.00
Pornstar Martini (12oz) £7.00
Frozen Margarita (12oz) £7.00
Frozen Daiquiri (12oz) £7.00
Mojito (12oz) £7.00
Long Island Iced Tea (12oz) £7.00
English Rose (12oz) £7.00
Long Island Iced Coffee (12oz) £7.00
Sangria (12oz) £7.00
Dark and Stormy (12oz) £7.00
Tennessee Bee (9oz) £7.00

Prosecco Cocktails

Flavour shots served with a mini bottle of Prosecco on the side for you to add. Click on any cocktail to view it’s ingredients…

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Cherry Bakewell £7.00
Prosecco Royale £7.00
Forager’s Fizz £7.00
Raspberry Limoncello £7.00
Eldergin Fizz £7.00
Rosecco £7.00
Bellini £7.00

Sweetie Box

Enjoy a QUARTER Sweet box with your Cocktails

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DEAL 2 x Sweetie Box £8.00
1 x Sweetie Box £5.00


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Prosecco Bottle Large £14.00
Prosecco Bottle Small £4.50
House White £9.00
House Red £9.00
Zinfandel Rose £9.00

Beers & Cider

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Corona £2.50
Leffe Blonde £2.50
Abbot Ale £3.00
Black Sheep Ale £3.00
Brewdog Punk IPA £3.00
Spitfire Bitter £3.00
Old Mout Berries and Cherries £2.50
Old Mout Kiwi and Lime £2.50
Old Mout Pomegranate and Strawberry £2.50
South West Orchard Craft Cider £2.50

Speciality Gin

Served in 50ml over ice & with garnish. Once you’ve chosen your Gin, choose your mixer from the Gin Mixers menu below

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Gin Tray (4 x 50ml Gins with mixer) £18.00
Choose Options
Masons Lavender £3.00
Bathtub £3.00
Buss 509 Raspberry £3.50
Mulberry Sloe £3.00
Warner Edwards Rhubarb £3.50
Monkey 47 £3.50
Xolato Chocolate £3.50
Nelson's Rhubarb and Custard £3.50
Hendrick's £3.50
Brockmans £3.50
Boe Violet £3.00
Bakewell Cherry and Almond £3.00
Bosford Strawberry £3.50
Tarquin's Blackberry £3.50
Malfy Blood Orange £3.50
Malfy Rosa Pink Grapefruit £3.50
Edinburgh Rhubarb and Ginger £3.00
Opihr Oriental Spiced £3.50

Gin Mixers

Served in 200ml bottles

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San Pellegrino Blood Orange £2.25
San Pellegrino Lemon £2.25
Fever Tree Indian Tonic £1.50
Fever Tree Naturally Light Tonic £1.50
Fever Tree Lemonade £1.50
Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic £1.50
Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic £1.50
Fever Tree Ginger Beer £1.50
Fever Tree Ginger Ale £1.50
Fever Tree Soda £1.50
Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic £1.50
Fentimans Rose Lemonade £2.25

Soft Drinks

Name Price Add to Cart Button
Fresh Cranberry Juice £2.25
Vanilla Ice Cream Milkshake £3.95
Strawberry Ice Cream Milkshake £3.95
Chocolate Ice Cream Milkshake £3.95
Mango and Pineapple Smoothie £3.95
Berry Fruit Smoothie £3.95
San Pellegrino Limone £2.25
Elderflower Presse £2.00
Coca Cola 200ml £1.50
Diet Coca Cola 200ml £1.50
Fresh Orange Juice £2.25
Fresh Apple Juice £2.25
Fresh Pineapple Juice £2.25
Franklin and Sons Orange and Grapefruit £2.25
Fentimans Cherry Cola £2.25
Fentimans Rose Lemonade £2.25
Fentimans Curiosity Cola £2.25
Gingerella £2.00
Lemony Lemonade £2.00
San Pellegrino Blood Orange £2.25
Franklin and Sons Lemonade and Elderflower £2.25
Franklin and Sons Dandelion and Burdock £2.25
Franklin and Sons Apple and Rhubarb £2.25