Evening Drinks

Evening Drinks

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Gin Tray

4 Double Gins plus mixer. Choose your favourite Gin and your favourite mixer from or wide selection. Why not have 4 different ones?

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Gin Tray (4 x 50ml Gins with mixer) £18.00
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All mixed over ice and ready to drink

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Cosmopolitan (9oz) £7.00
Gin Garden (9oz) £7.00
Espresso Martini (9oz) £7.00
Bramble (9oz) £7.00
Sangria (12oz) £7.00
Cuba Libre (9oz) £7.00
Tennessee Bee (9oz) £7.00
Dark and Stormy (12oz) £7.00
Long Island Iced Coffee (12oz) £7.00
English Rose (12oz) £7.00
Long Island Iced Tea (12oz) £7.00
Mojito (12oz) £7.00
Pornstar Martini (12oz) £7.00
Frozen Daiquiri (12oz) £7.00
Frozen Margarita (12oz) £7.00

Prosecco Cocktails

Flavour shots served with a mini bottle of Prosecco on the side for you to add

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Cherry Bakewell £7.00
Prosecco Royale £7.00
Forager’s Fizz £7.00
Raspberry Limoncello £7.00
Eldergin Fizz £7.00
Rosecco £7.00
Bellini £7.00


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Prosecco Bottle Small £4.50
Prosecco Bottle Large £14.00
House Red £9.00
Zinfandel Rose £9.00
House White £9.00

Beers & Cider

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South West Orchard Craft Cider £2.50
Old Mout Kiwi and Lime £2.50
Old Mout Pomegranate and Strawberry £2.50
Corona £2.50
Leffe Blonde £2.50
Abbot Ale £3.00
Black Sheep Ale £3.00
Brewdog Punk IPA £3.00
Spitfire Bitter £3.00
Old Mout Berries and Cherries £2.50

Speciality Gin

Served in 50ml over ice & with garnish. Once you’ve chosen your Gin, choose your mixer from the Gin Mixers menu below

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Gin Tray (4 x 50ml Gins with mixer) £18.00
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Tarquin's Blackberry £3.50
Malfy Blood Orange £3.50
Malfy Rosa Pink Grapefruit £3.50
Warner Edwards Rhubarb £3.50
Monkey 47 £3.50
Xolato Chocolate £3.50
Nelson's Rhubarb and Custard £3.50
Mulberry Sloe £3.00
Masons Lavender £3.00
Bathtub £3.00
Buss 509 Raspberry £3.50
Edinburgh Rhubarb and Ginger £3.00
Opihr Oriental Spiced £3.50
Hendrick's £3.50
Brockmans £3.50
Boe Violet £3.00
Bakewell Cherry and Almond £3.00
Bosford Strawberry £3.50

Gin Mixers

Served in 200ml bottles

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San Pellegrino Blood Orange £2.25
Fever Tree Soda £1.50
Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic £1.50
Fentimans Rose Lemonade £2.25
San Pellegrino Lemon £2.25
Fever Tree Lemonade £1.50
Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic £1.50
Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic £1.50
Fever Tree Ginger Beer £1.50
Fever Tree Ginger Ale £1.50
Fever Tree Indian Tonic £1.50
Fever Tree Naturally Light Tonic £1.50

Soft Drinks

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Fresh Orange Juice £2.25
Diet Coca Cola 200ml £1.50
Coca Cola 200ml £1.50
Berry Fruit Smoothie £3.95
Mango and Pineapple Smoothie £3.95
Chocolate Ice Cream Milkshake £3.95
Vanilla Ice Cream Milkshake £3.95
Strawberry Ice Cream Milkshake £3.95
Fresh Cranberry Juice £2.25
Fresh Pineapple Juice £2.25
Fresh Apple Juice £2.25
Elderflower Presse £2.00
San Pellegrino Limone £2.25
San Pellegrino Blood Orange £2.25
Lemony Lemonade £2.00
Fentimans Curiosity Cola £2.25
Fentimans Cherry Cola £2.25
Gingerella £2.00
Fentimans Rose Lemonade £2.25
Franklin and Sons Orange and Grapefruit £2.25
Franklin and Sons Dandelion and Burdock £2.25
Franklin and Sons Lemonade and Elderflower £2.25
Franklin and Sons Apple and Rhubarb £2.25